SplashCube lets you manage social media like a pro, and is as easy to use as email.

We built this tool for ourselves so we could manage our own clients’ social campaigns more effectively.

SplashCube takes the guesswork out of deciding “what to do” and lets you focus on engaging with your audience.

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Social Media Marketing Made Easy
  • Smart To-Do List
    Tells you exactly what to do, and when to do it.
  • Social Inbox
    Imagine having all of your social conversations in one easy to navigate inbox.
  • Email Alerts
    Get real-time emails that inform you of exactly what’s going on throughout your social media platforms.
  • Publishing
    Publish your posts simultaneously across all your networks. Want a week off for the holidays? Schedule your posts in advance and forget about it.
  • Reporting
    You’ll get reports on exactly how your company’s social media sites compare to thousands of others similar to yours across the world.
  • Monitoring
    People are talking about your brand and industry. It’s time to join in the discussion.
  • Live Support and Help
    Still have a problem? Don’t sweat it. Call our Social Media Coaches for answers on any questions you may have. Just like they taught you in kindergarten, there are no stupid questions.

“Given the rampant use of the Internet in our marketplace, we could no longer afford to avoid social media until one of us could learn the nuts and bolts. Enter Splash Media, who proficiently drove the web-awareness of Advanced Discovery in a fraction of the time it would have taken our busy team to start a social media campaign on our own.”
Ronnda Z, Advanced Discovery™