Social Media Marketing

We are digital storytellers powered by human insights. We also happen to be social media marketing pioneers. We have logged over 80,000 man-hours executing social strategies, campaigns and tactics on behalf of our clients. Simply put, we know what works, what gets results…and what doesn’t.

We cut our teeth working with small to medium-size businesses that demanded return on their digital investments. We were forced to figure out social ROI years before it became a trending topic.

We believe in changing the perception of your consumers by letting them become coauthors of your story. We specialize in converting monologues–where brands are broadcasting–into dialogues where the consumer becomes a part of the narrative. When consumers have a need or curiosity, pull their phone out of their pocket or rush to their laptop, and find exactly what they need–that is THE Digital Moment of Truth. That moment is powerful. It connects their inner human need with your brand’s promise on an emotional level. The moment galvanizes loyalty and is shared, thereby creating a community. That moment makes a brand valuable.

Let us create your Digital Moment of Truth.

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