1. John Larsen’s presentation was superb, devastatingly enlightening. We will be following up with Splash Media seeking assessment services of our Social Media practices. Splash Media’s organization and preparation for producing systematic, methodical, efficient, comprehensive excellence across Social Media for any form of company, enterprise, nonprofit, agency or entity is worthy of great commendation. I congratulate you on brilliance of focus, vision, execution and will be following Splash Media’s advances from here forward. – Frank
  2. “Love the fact it was clear, concise, and damn good. And this coming from a person who hates meetings, preso’s, etc. Hard to believe the preso lasted longer than 1hr. Most soc. media preso’s are over the “this site does X, that site does Y,” and so on. What I love is the clear connection between how it connects and why its important. Thank you for not wasting my time.”
  3. “This was one of the very best seminars I have ever attended- great speaker, extremely useful content. Although I had not planned to outsource social media marketing, based on your qualifications, I will most likely change my direction.”
  4. “I attended simply to gain an understanding of social media, and I accomplished that at your presentation.”

  5. “Good tempo, excellent information, glad the “pitch” was short at the end. Recommending Boot Camp to many others using my fb page.”
  6. “The presentation was very informative and it helped me to see the impact of social media in a positive light. The sales for some of those companies were off the charts and I hope to be one of them very soon by utilizing Splash Media’s services!”

  7. “Great information to share with my bosses!!”
  8. “Great value added seminar.”

  9. “Extremely informative. I appreciated the big picture of how social media works as well as all the detailed information and the continued support through the linked in group. I will definitely be utilizing that. Thanks again!”
  10. “Paul did a great job, and the content was very helpful. I will recommend future events to others. He made it very clear that shifting a companies marketing efforts to a vendor for social media, can reduce overall marketing cost, reduce cost for the ROI, and improve the quality of leads generated due to the trust that comes from social media interaction. Friends to Customers, Customers to Evangelist.”

  11. “We already have an active social media strategy, but our execution is sporadic. Your presentation identified gaps in our process and opportunities to improve. Great job!”
  12. “Paul did a fabulous job presenting a lot of great information in a format that was easy to understand.”

  13. “Surprising deliverables from BAM. Great info on dispelling Soc. Media myths.”
  14. “The content, was eye opening, to say the least. I thought I had a minor grasp on how it worked…boy was I wrong!”

  15. “Wonderful examples of what organizations are using social media and how they are doing it.”
  16. “I believe the speaker did an excellent job gaining and keeping the attention of the crowd. He was very helpful.”

  17. “One of the best and most informative presentations I have attended.”
  18. “I thought it was a terrific event – very informative, and the speaker was really first-rate.  I picked up a lot of very good information, took copious notes and have already created a Social Media action plan for our company.”

  19. “Very valuable session. Great information and just the right amount of selling on your part. You practice what you preach (90% educational/informational content, 10% commercial pitch)”
  20. “Presenter for Denver (Westminster) kept the session fast-paced, good energy level, but not too much (e.g. Vince on Sham Wow).”

  21. “Great job…especially for a free seminar. Very well done!”
  22. “The presentation was excellent. The speaker really knew his subject matter.”

  23. “I found our facilitator, John Larsen, to be knowledgeable, professional and concise. The content was relevant and my overall opinion of the seminar was impressive and “remarkable”. Great job.”
  24. “Nice preso, great speaker, all the points covered well and the pitch wasn’t too strong.”
  25. “Very insightful and up-to-date information presentation. Well done!”
  26. “Good content & well presented Very timely subject matter.”

  27. “We are already doing most of what was talked about, however I did get some good information on things we need to adjust or focus on. Very informative, very glad I went.”
  28. “I thought it was very professional and well researched and the way you introduced and executed the sales part of the presentation was excellent.”
  29. “John is an excellent, motivating speaker. I particularly liked the data presented in the silent screen material projected prior to his talk.”
  30. “Quite good. Lots of information presented in an organized and efficient manner.”
  31. “John, the speaker was admirably articulate for talking so fast about so much information.”
  32. “This was one of the best presentations I have ever attended. The speaker was consistently on point and there was no excess fat to his material. I was completely captivated by what he presented and I was stunned with an hour and a half had passed. He was excellent.” -George
  33. “Clear, concise, chock full of valuable information and a real eye opener!”
  34. “Well presented, informational & not too preachy on your firm’s services/products. I was impressed & educated. When the budget is available for using Social Media avenues, I will contact Splash Media.”

  35. “I am intrigued by the Splash Media business model and appreciate the very organized presentation/debunking of how to approach and make the most of the social media.”
  36. “I loved how to the point the speaker was.  So many seminars bore you to death, but he was great.”

  37. “The presenter John Larsen was fantastic. 1 1/2 hours of solid, useful information. Splash Media has an excellent service, and while obviously the presentation was there to sell the service, I never felt pressured to purchase. I highly recommend this presentation to any business owners.”
  38. “John was excellent, as was the presentation. Thank you for such an interesting and eye opening presentation.”

  39. “Your seminar was an excellent source of information, very thought provoking. A quick hour and a half very well spent. I thank you for the knowledge I’m sure took a long time to prepare. I will recommend you highly.”
  40. “Invaluable information for anyone who is self-employed or a business owner.”

  41. “I thought the presentation was very useful in helping me to understand how to use social media and what the essential pieces of a social media program are. I would compliment you in providing valuable substantive information …you helped me understand the how, why and value of social media.”
  42. “Very well-organized, informative, succinct presentation. Speaker was energetic, engaging and obviously knowledgeable about social media marketing. I plan on recommending this seminar to everyone I know who’s interested in improving their effective use of social media tools.”
  43. – Michael Duke

  44. “It was great, it opened my eyes, I stayed and watched it twice.” – Anthony
  45. “The information Paul provided was invaluable. He helps you understand the importance and the bottom line as it relates to revenue.”

  46. “It was good to see the process laid out in an orderly and easy-to-understand format. Thanks.”
  47. “I have read a lot and participated in other social media workshops. I even gave one workshop to a small group of Communications professionals. I was pleased to see that your presentation covered all the basics in such a short time.”

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  49. “John was excellent, very well prepared and gave us lots of take home value.  Thanks for the great seminar.”

  50. “This was a really good presentation. Really liked the value and quality of the content. John was a really good speaker as well. I can’t imagine you could get more info in 90 minutes that he did. Great example of what a well thought out, well rehearsed presentation looks like. I have sent your future dates out to colleagues in Atlanta, Dallas, Boston and Minneapolis (our HQ). Nice work guys.”
  51. “I was impressed and enjoyed the presentation.”

  52. “Awesome – really helped me move forward. Thanks.”
  53. “You guys did a superb job! Very impressive!”

  54. “Very good content. I absolutely see the value in what Splash is offering.”
  55. “It gave a great overview of the field and confirmed to me that I need to get with the program. The speaker was very interesting and I was never bored or yawned and that was after lunch! Thank you” – Marion

  56. “It was good to know that the small arts organization that I run is on the right track. There were several things I learned and would like to implement. Mr. Larsen was a great speaker and he gave lots of great information in a short amount of time. I would certainly recommend Splash Media.”
  57. “You put everything in perspective and provided an excellent blueprint for our next steps.”
  58. “Much better than anticipated! Thank you.”
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  63. “Thank you for the opportunity to attend your information packed seminar!” – Rose Quinn, Director of Operations

  64. “The videos, pictures and examples that were part of the presentation were really effective in supporting specified points. The pace was good (quick) and the low pressure sales afterward was appropriate and appreciated. we made a follow up appt.”
  65. “I was probably the only 25 year old in the room and have been using twitter, facebook and linkedin for awhile now, and still learned so much from this presentation!”

  66. “Focused, clear, excellent delivery.”
  67. “Thank you for a great social media seminar today at the Hilton. I really learned a lot and hope to utilize a lot of the advice in my own social media campaign. John is a great speaker.”

  68. “I so enjoyed your presentation at the Hilton today. It was very informative, done very well and timed perfectly. I adore whats going on in the world and participate in it eagerly and yes,I took things home with me and started putting them into place.  Thank you again.  I told my boss, I’d come again-it was that great.”
  69. “Your company’s presentation last week was informative and very well executed… my father and I found it very “eye-opening

  70. “It was the best presentation I have heard on social medial. Worth every minute of 90 minutes!”
  71. “Met my expectations on information that will be important as I advise my clients as a Consultant in the Printing and Packaging Industry.”

  72. “It provided info on areas where I wasn’t participating such a blogging. It was so well laid out and easy to understand. Believe me, I’d love to bring your company in to my office. It would really change things.”
  73. “Paul did an excellent job! His presentation was both insightful and incredibly helpful. I now have a much better understanding of how to integrate and utilize social media marketing programs. I look forward to becoming a future client and would not hesitate to recommend Splash Media.”

  74. “I thought the meeting was very well done and planned.  I am now following you on Facebook and will definitely recommend your company. A great 90 minutes!”
  75. “Nice balance between John’s presentation and the visuals he used.”The program was very well done and informative. I appreciated the education and advice.”

  76. “Excellent workshop; presentation was outstanding and very informative.” – Karen Hokanson
  77. “An excellent and very useful presentation.” – Howard Phillips

  78. “Good content learned a lot thank you. Very good data and information was given out very well. I liked the Power Point presentation, very clear and good research.”
  79. “Impressive amount of real information in 90 minutes.”  – David Johnson

  80. “I gained additional pertinent information that I didn’t know before and took away some great new tools that were relevant to social media without having to sign up for anything first.  I would recommend this again for those who don’t know where to begin as well as those who are in it but are ready to take it to the next level.”
  81. “Paul Slack is the best presenter ever! Great use of Power Point, totally natural demeanor, great change ups of pace…..superb and with an endless amount of very very relevant information.”

  82. “Stumbling out of the woods, I found the presentation informative and illuminating.” – David Moragne
  83. “Great presentation, great speaker, well executed.” – Larisa Gurnick

  84. “Really good content and very well presented. We’re 90 days from serious talks with you guys about several clients. Thanks for a good show!” – Richard Spring
  85. “It was just outstanding and we’d love to be an affiliate.”  – Melinda Augustina
  86. “Great presentation for a newbie. I had no idea what was happening with social media and it’s impact on consumers.”
  87. “Very well done with valuable statistics and recommendations.”
  88. “Very professional and didn’t waste my time, I will definitely recommend to others. I’m an early adopter of social media and was mostly interested in updated information like the growing importance of video.” – Terry Anzur
  89. “Enjoyed. Like you told us to do: 90% useful info 10% commercial. That was my perception of what you also did. Very nice.” – Tom Cusumano

  90. “I have just re-entered the business services field after leaving academia — with its own unique perspective regarding the impact of Social Media on education. So, while the Boot Camp workshop allowed me to catch up on current marketing practices, I appreciate especially that the seminar presented the business-oriented perspective on Social Media.” – Andrea Dace
  91. “Excellent presentation both in terms of content & delivery.”

  92. “Fast paced, useful, good pitch for Splash, I took away immediate action items, and already got Facebook domain name.”
  93. “Good overview of social media world.” – Ignacio Krasovitzky

  94. Enjoyed the very tangible info about frequency of updating/posting info.”
  95. “This was very informational.”- Tretha

  96. “I appreciate that you practiced what you preached, 90% info 10% promo, but then provided clear explanation of your costs. …very well presented. Thanks.” – Eric Jones
  97. “No bull, clear, concise and to the point.”

  98. “The presentation had a lot of good, up-to-date information. It was designed for using social media for marketing. As a public agency, we are looking at its potential for public information/dialog.”
  99. “Well done and good flow. Slides were good and visuals. Speaker was excellent and well prepared.”

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  101. “The Boot Camp was very informative; John did a great job…he was awesome and engaging! I learned so much that I didn’t know and the presentation answered some questions together that I had wondered about. In addition, I have a better understanding of what Splash Media is all about and let me say, I have never been so impressed by a prospective employer.”
  102. “The best I have been to since it describes a process rather than unrelated events.”
  103. “Keep up the good work in this rapidly changing area.”

  104. “Excellent thank you for allowing us to attend. This was a very interesting presentation and allowed us to understand social media much better.”
  105. “Paul’s genuine way of speaking combined with the practical, well organized content of the presentation made me want to be large enough to afford what Splash Media has to offer. I could see myself having FUN creating, building, reaching out to an untapped, for me, online community…all the while growing my business! I know I have a product that would grow exponentially by working with you. I am determined to get started on my own. I went with a friend to the event and we are having a contest to see who can reach out and get 1000 followers first!”

  106. “Very interesting and worthwhile.”
  107. “There was a lot of great info. It was overwhelming, but I’m going to attempt to implement asap.”

  108. “The Boot Camp was very informative; John did a great job … he was awesome and engaging! I learned so much that I didn’t know and the presentation answered some questions together that I had wondered about. In addition, I have a better understanding of what Splash Media is all about and let me say, I have never been so impressed by a prospective employer.”
  109. “Paul was very good – good content and rapid pace of delivery.”
  110. “Excellent content and presenter! This was a good social media primer and helped me better understand the big picture.”
  111. “I very much enjoyed the SplashMedia presentation. What a tremendous value for 1.5 hours, if one listened and took copious notes. Thank you.” – Karen Reed

  112. “Thank you for the presentation. It was more than valuable and the information you provided helped jump start the conversation in my office. I will be sure to connect if we are ever in the position to outsource our SMM.”
  113. “Full of great info. I can see myself referring clients to Splash Media.”

  114. “I learned so much from the seminar..it was fast paced, informative and it underscored the need for an organized social media plan. As a small start-up company, I am the only available for the marketing, but as my company grows, outsourcing will be needed in the future. Splash Media will then get my business!”
  115. “My biz is SEO and have been incorporating Social Media for the past year or so – and have had very poor results. After attending your class yesterday I believe I’ve been putting way too much time into FaceBook instead of using Blogs and Video as my ‘Hub’. Your presentation was WELL worth my time and I’m sure will help me. Would love to hire you but you’re WAY out of my budget! LOL Thanks!”

  116. “Great presentation. I would recommend using Splash Media for your social marketing needs. If I start my own company I would highly consider using them.”
  117. “Dynamic presentation with a nice blend of statistics, examples, supporting data. Or in other words, why social media, what others are doing, and some of the nuts and bolts – enough to decide if I want to do this, what that means and what the service would be if I outsourced.”

  118. “Very informative and certainly thought provoking. Just starting my own business and your presentation reaffirmed the need to embrace social media marketing, ideally growing my business will allow me to outsource this function. Thank you and best wishes.”
  119. “I’m in the ‘continuous improvement’ training business, Social Media Boot Camp for CEO’s offered in Phoenix, AZ this week was one of the best 90 minute sessions I have seen. Jammed packed with great information! And the presenter was awesome, poured heart and soul in it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
  120. – Jay Watson

  121. “Very well done. Glad I attended. You guys run a tight ship! It’s amazing how many companies are NOT doing any social media marketing for their product campaigns!”
  122. – Graham
  123. “Loved the presentation and information. Really got to see the big picture and now understand why I have been feeling so overwhelmed by this matter. I watch, listen and have observed a lot of the pieces but your presentation has given me the ability to at least connect the dots. Your services are very clear and it was invaluable. Paul was a wonderful presenter and I thank you for marketing on Facebook so I had the opportunity to see and listen to real pros.” – Susan

  124. “Speaker was very good and kept it simple and easy to understand. He also stuck to a nice outline and stayed on track. Visual presentation was also very good. I am 71 years old and have listened and attended many presentations. Your man was one of the best as far as I am concerned.”
  125. – Tom
  126. “One of the best free seminars I’ve taken. Thanks for not making it about you. The pace was a little fast but I understand your time constraints. I look forward to your consultation.” – Denise “You guys impressed me and it was time well spent coming to our presentation. Good job.” “I got a lot of great information and clarification on a few topics I didn’t understand and very useful facts about how to succeed using social media effectively.”

  127. “It was well paced and informative. I really enjoyed it. I feel confident in promoting your services to my clients.”
  128. “Excellent presentation in a nice and condensed format. I took 4 pages of notes and got some great take-aways. Good Job!” “Your offered program is very impressive. I appreciate the insights. You have instilled a sense of urgency and I will be working on increasing my social media presence. Thanks”

  129. “Paul’s presentation was logically presented and extremely relevant. Thank you so much for sharing.”
  130. – Peggy
  131. Online Media “This was perfect timing for this seminar. We are starting up a new company and this helps us build our social media strategy.” – Julie, Media Planner “Great presenter and awesome content. I am working with a company that really needs your services so I will meet with them next week about arranging a meeting with your group to further discuss. Thanks again!”
  132. – Sabrina, Staffing company

  133. “Paul’s presentation was rich with information and smartly produced. As someone who makes many presentations and critiques them for media companies, I appreciate seeing the bar raised high like this.”
  134. – Bob, Senior Strategist, Media Strategy Company

  135. “I attended the Social Media Bootcamp yesterday and am amazed at the message and material that was shared. I would highly recommend you spend the time and listen to what Paul Slack has to say.”
  136. – Mark, VP Sales and Marketing, Staffing company
  137. “I was awed and humbled by the material you have gathered and by what you have accomplished. I salute you. I thank you for the information you gave me. What goes around comes around and your blessing will come back to you many times.”

  138. “This was a tremendous session – The sound thinking in your program makes sense for anyone striving to keep pace. I really enjoyed Paul Slack – great communicator.”
  139. “The time went by fast, which means that the content was engaging and, in my opinion, quite well presented. I learned a lot and am sure that your approach is sound.”

  140. “Very informative! I learned a lot, especially how involved SM is and that it takes a lot of work!”
  141. “The conference delivered exactly what you advertised. Thank you for hosting.”

  142. “Clear, crisp, precise, understandable and useful.”
  143. “Loved it. Learned several techniques that I put to use immediately! Thank you!!”
  144. “Excellent. I understand the concepts of SMM for the first time.”
  145. “What impressed me most was your willingness to offer abundant, detailed strategies on how this can be done, without ever pressuring me at all in terms of signing up for their services. Never once did I get a sales pitch, just lots of excellent input on my own website and how I could optimize my own lead generation.”

  146. Your workshop was probably one of the most useful meetings I have ever attended. The information was extremely relevant and I came back with a short list of real world practical things I could do to immediately implement to improve our web presence. I would highly recommend it to anyone! ”
  147. “My complements on a great Workshop. I really did get a lot out of the session and felt that the information that was discussed was highly relevant to our current focus.”