Search Marketing

We believe that search and social are quickly becoming one thing. We have even come up with a new word for it. SEOcial. When you get your head around the concept that content is all the search engines really care about, you can see it clearly. Social conversations and content shared via social channels are the new currency of the web. Google and the other major search companies have been incorporating more and more social signals into their search algorithms, pushing more relevant brands to the top of the search results.

At Splash Media, we begin all of our client engagements with a deep analysis of their brand’s overall search equity. Their websites, their social channels, and their owned content are all indexed and measured to give us a clear picture of a brand’s online health. We then craft a strategy that wires all of the brand’s key assets together so that the search engines improve their rank, and in some cases, even increase the number of SERPs on page one.

Our search team provides full-service search engine marketing solutions that are designed to get results.

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