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The Social Media Minute for December 3, 2010


Being Nasty To Customers Won’t Help With Search Rank, But Nice Tweets From the Right People Will

Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land reports an increasing number of social factors are beginning to affect search engine rankings.

The technosphere was buzzing this week thanks to two pieces of extraordinary journalism – one in mainstream media, the other by a well-respected blogger. One was full of useful search engine optimization revelations; the other was simply an e-commerce horror story. Both helped pull back the curtains a little on how Google and other search engines are using social media in their search rankings.

The Sunday New York Times profiled a Brooklyn-based merchant whose idea of customer service needs a little work, to say the least. Anyone complaining to him about the fashionable eyeglasses he sells online gets a nasty email or phone call in return; some customers were actually threatened. His unique business model? He told the Times reporter that negative comments about him to Get Satisfaction and other consumer complaint websites actually help his search rankings on Google and boost his profits.

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