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The Social Media Minute for October 29, 2010


Are Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Ready for B2B Prime-Time?

On Oct. 28th, Splash Media principal and co-founder Chris Kraft participated in a panel on the subject of Creating Engaging Content to Turn Prospects into Buyers.

The stars seemed to be aligning this week for discussions about social media, in our social media minute, and the business-to-business world. Splash Media principal and co-founder Chris Kraft was invited to talk about content marketing in a B2B Magazine on Thursday, Oct. 28th – the same day that Mashable”s Ben Parr wrote a great post titled What The Future Holds for Social Media B2B Marketing.

The bottom line from both Kraft”s presentation and Parr”s data-rich post is that yes, Virginia, there is a place for social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and YouTube as businesses try to sell to each other in a much narrower and more targeted way than the consumer space. Parr particularly cited Cisco”s social media manager Autumn Truong”s belief that video and mobile applications will come into play very soon as effective forms of communications for reaching the right people within companies.

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