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The Social Media Minute for January 4, 2011


More Gadgets, More Video, More Storytelling Opportunities in 2011

Pre-show hype for this year's Consumer Electronics Show consist of talk about Samsung and Toshiba tablets as well as more social media/web video integration.

The focus of the technology world moves to the Nevada desert this week for the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show, and you can be sure that thanks to traditional media and blogosphere carpet-bombing coverage of the event, what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas.

Most of the pre-show hype has centered on Samsung, Toshiba and other hardware companies using this year’s CES to introduce their own tablet computer alternatives to Apple’s iPad. But content announcements are also forthcoming, and some of those are expected to highlight more social media/web video integration into traditional delivery platforms such as internet-enabled TV’s and video game consoles.

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