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SplashCast From The Past: Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Social Media Welcome Mat


It’s been nearly a year since Splash Media spoke with Veronica Torres, director of diversity marketing at the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau and the leader of the CVB’s social media strategy. Since Torres spoke with SplashCast host Renay San Miguel last summer, the Bureau has expanded its efforts to use social media to boost its destination marketing goals.

“We are actually working with other platforms and have three staff people internally managing our social media efforts,” Torres tells Splash Media. “We are also in the middle of a huge rebranding effort with Dallas and will be launching a new digital strategy before the end of the year.”

Torres says Pinterest is now a part of the Bureau’s social media mix, along with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In this SplashCast from the past, Torres talks about how her organization launched its social media strategy and how it uses each major social network.

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Dallas Convention And Visitors Bureau Social Media Strategy

Dallas Convention And Visitors Bureau Social Media Strategy



Digital Marketing Trends: New Survey Stresses Content Optimization, More Business Video

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

The new Adobe 2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey (download here: registration information required) is a treasure chest overflowing with valuable information gleaned from 1,700 marketers around the world. How valuable? Let’s just say If Captain Jack Sparrow were an online marketer instead of a sometimes-successful pirate, he be all over these nuggets of data.

The respondents work in business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies spanning a wide range of economic sectors, and their answers provide a glimpse into what they hope to accomplish over the next 12 months in their digital marketing efforts – specifically, how they plan to get more efficient with those efforts, and what activities they will be focusing on to create greater customer engagement.

The survey highlights:

  • Optimize, optimize, optimize: a whopping 79 percent of respondents say they do little to no optimization that would help customers find the content they’re looking for on business websites/social media platforms. That’s why 68 percent say they’ll be using more website analytics and 56 percent plan on more social media analytics. This will help address business owners’ concerns about what bang they are getting for their social media bucks, and will help marketing professionals zero in on the best tactics that will help transform visitors into paying customers.
  • 61 percent plan to get deeper into video marketing. “Product or service demos, interactive promotional videos, educational videos, and entertaining user-generated videos elevate an online experience to new levels of engagements and conversions,” says the survey summary. The report also acknowledges that most videos will also be distributed across a business’ social media networks and will likely impact search results. And Adobe points to a recent comScore finding that a mix of professionally-produced videos and user-generated content can be a potent combination for generating leads and online conversations.
  • Mobile marketing: 42 percent hope to make their websites optimized for smartphone and tablet computer surfing, and 34 percent will investigate using mobile applications. The survey admits that these tactics and strategies are still in their infancy and are not yet matching the rapid adoption rates for these devices.

We advice business owners and those who do the marketing for them to check out the 2012 Adobe Digital Marketing survey and find out which trends and findings can fit into their budgets. If content continues to be king when it comes to digital and social media marketing, then it’s up to business and brands to find out how they can reap the royal benefits.

What do you think about these findings? Are you planning to spend more time/money on video and analytics? Please tell us your thoughts in our Comments section below.

Renay San Miguel is the Chief Content Officer at Splash Media and On-Air Talent and Host with You can find him on Twitter @PrimoMedia. Click here to see all of Renay’s blog posts.

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Facebook Streaming Movies: In This Theater, It’s Okay To Chat and Text

Facebook Streaming Movies

Facebook Streaming Movies: Piranha 3DD – Source: Helga Esteb /

“Piranha 3DD” looks like your basic B-movie – that’s “B” as in Blood and Boobs – so it’s probably going to have a hard time biting off a big piece of the weekend box office considering its competition: “Snow White And The Huntsman.” But “Piranha 3DD” is guaranteed one spot in cinema history after Friday: it’s the first 3D movie to be shown on Facebook.

The killer fish film – $7.99 for the 3D version, $6.99 for standard viewing – also fits into the current trend revolving around the mix of social media and entertainment experiences, with Facebook (of course) playing a starring role.

“Piranha 3DD” is available for viewing on Facebook via a partnership with Starz Digital Cinema and Milyoni, a San Francisco-based provider of technology that enables Facebook commerce and social/entertainment content mashups. Milyoni (pronounced “million-eye”) boasts services that reach more than 150 million fans; its customers have included Universal, Lionsgate, Turner Broadcasting and the National Basketball Association. Last year the company also made history when the Taylor Lautner film “Abduction” was the first movie to be shown on Facebook on the same day that it also released on DVD, Blu-ray and on-demand.

Milyoni is doing its part to create a Facebook ecosystem that connects companies, content and audiences willing to pay to not only watch something or shop on the social network, but interact with others at the same time. And that will be profitable for anyone wanting to sample entertainment or commerce on Facebook as long as they think of customers first, says Dean Alms, vice president of marketing at Milyoni.

“The key to successful F-commerce is rewarding customers,” Alms told Splash Media in an email. “Companies always need to think about brand loyalty and how they can reward fans who’ve liked their page – either through special promotions or exclusive content, etc. There needs to be constant interaction in order to draw fans back to your page; simply setting it up and thinking that fans will flock and return is a misconception, and that’s what companies need to keep in mind for the future.

Since it’s the start of summer, the movie side of Milyoni’s business is naturally attracting a little more attention. And there’s evience that Milyoni’s technology in that regard is starting to pay off. A Milyoni PR representative sent Splash Media data regarding a recent showing of a documentary about reggae legend Bob Marley that featured a chance to chat with his son Ziggy on the social network. “‘Marley’ was a big success across all distribution platforms,” spokeswoman Sylvia Tongco said. “It received over 80,000 user social impressions the first week of the movie’s launch on Facebook.” The film garnered the largest audience yet for a Facebook streaming movie premiere, and was the first major U.S. documentary to premiere on the social network on the same day of its theatrical release.

The company’s Social Live platform enables streaming of live events; a Widespread Panic concert was the first use of this technology on FB and it drew more than 2,000 paying customers in 19 countries.

What do you think? Is there a future for Facebook streaming movies and concerts? How attractive is the chance to chat with friends and celebrities while watching a movie or music event? Please share in our Comments section below.

Renay San Miguel is the Chief Content Officer at Splash Media and On-Air Talent and Host with You can find him on Twitter @PrimoMedia. Click here to see all of Renay’s blog posts.

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SplashCast: Is Podcasting Dead? Podcasting For Businesses With Heidi Miller


Is podcasting dead? <— Click here to listen to the podcast!

Heidi Miller: Is Podcasting Dead?

Heidi Miller: Is Podcasting Dead?

Hey, it’s a SplashCast about podcasting, so it’s only fitting that we should make this our first podcast, right?

It’s been nearly ten years since podcasting as a form of digital media production and consumption went mainstream. Splash Media was curious: with the advent since then of online video and social media marketing, is there still a place for audio-only podcasts in business storytelling?

We decided to ask Heidi Miller, the chief conversation officer for Spoken Communications, which provides enterprise cloud-based platforms for company contact centers. Heidi has also consulted for corporations and entrepreneurs on building online communities and has presented at the annual Podcast and New Media Expo. Her Talk It Up! blog includes a great resource section on podcasting featuring audio content from Heidi and other specialists.

For an example of podcasting done right, Heidi highly recommends the Grammar Girl blog/podcast. She talks to SplashCast host Renay San Miguel about why small/midsize businesses should consider the benefits of audio podcasts.




Amid The Doom And Gloom, What You're NOT Hearing About Facebook for Businesses


Facebook for BusinessesEvery Friday morning, the Splash Media team meets to talk about the week that was and the good news for clients courtesy of social media marketing. This week”s discussion was especially gratifying, considering the five days of doomsaying and finger-pointing that has resulted following Facebook”s less-than-auspicious IPO.

A good portion of the news came from Facebook and Facebook ads; leads, likes, sharing, fans added to pages, forms filled, customer engagement thanks to questions on Facebook business pages. All are potential sales, but even if that isn”t the end result, all are community-building, content-sharing examples of social media”s power in business marketing. Oh, and did I mention that some of this goodness came courtesy of Facebook Ads?

But wait: wasn”t the Facebook IPO proof of a flawed business model, as media critic Michael Wolff wrote in a widely-distributed (and argued-over) MIT Technology Review post, “The Facebook Fallacy?”  Then there was Pulitzer Prize-winning author Steve Cool”s New Yorker piece, “.”  Between posts like those and mainstream media outlets doing their best to tie the company IPO to the dot-com bust, one would think the party music was winding down for social media.

However, life goes on for Facebook and its related ecosystem, even as questions have arisen about how this particular public offering was handled. Some new FB features from the week:

  • Facebook launched its Promoted Posts this week, which allows Page owners to get their content distributed to more users, depending on the number of likes they have and how much they”re willing to pay; the sliding scale ranges from $5 to $300, and Facebook tells you how many more users you”re likely to get at each price point.
  • The social network is releasing more analytical information to brand page administrators: the percentage of users who have viewed a page they liked is now available. Expect more data to roll out as the company continues its efforts to be more marketing friendly.
  • A new Facebook app, Timeline Movie Maker, searches the photo, video and text content on Timeline pages that drew the most engagement from users and turns it all into a one-minute video (with music). Here”s another content idea for jazzing up brands and business presence on the network.
  • Oh yeah: Facebook also released its own photo-sharing app, Facebook Camera, which may explain why it dropped a cool $1 billion on buying Instagram. A quick test-drive of the app resulted in fast sharing/commenting, plus you can see what your friends are uploading. The filters and effects aren”t quite ready to take on Instagram yet, but who knows; a year from now the two apps will probably be starring in their own episode of “Will It Blend?”

All that – plus a user base rapidly approaching one billion – sure doesn”t sound like the death knell of the world”s largest social network. But that”s just me. What do you think? Please share in our Comments section below.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. Splash Media respectfully asks that you take some time this weekend to think about those service members who made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of their country, and to keep their families in your prayers as well.

Renay San Miguel is the Chief Content Officer at Splash Media and On-Air Talent and Host with You can find him on Twitter @PrimoMedia. Click here to see all of Renay’s blog posts.

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