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Dallas Social Media Marketing: SMC Showcase Spotlights Video In Campaigns


The Social Media Club of Dallas staged its annual Social Media Showcase this week, allowing marketing specialists to highlight how they used Facebook, Twitter, blogs and videos to solve business problems for clients. And while the event is geared towards other social media marketing pros, business owners still trying to figure out how new media fits into their strategies would have also benefitted from hearing about these compelling case studies.

Dallas social mediaA lot of great information was presented during the Showcase – blog fodder for more than one post, as it happens. In this instance, I wanted to highlight the evidence I heard about online video becoming more and more important to social media marketing strategies.

Radio Shack and Chevrolet made extensive use of video during their respective campaigns discussed at the Showcase. For Radio Shack, it was an attempt to boost its used electronics trade-in program, Trade-&-Save. Chevy, meanwhile, had it sights set on brand awareness at the recent South by Southwest Festival in Austin.

In the case of Radio Shack, its agency Weber Shandwick reached out to technology influencers as both partners and for distributing news of the campaign. “This was incredibly video-focused,” said Weber digital supervisor Alyssa Gardina. “We needed to make sure that video content got shared. We had influencers posting about how much fun it was to work with Radio Shack” on its Trade-&-Save program.

Gardina says that may be because her team stayed in contact with those tech-savvy bloggers/vloggers. “When working with influencers, don’t just film the video and leave. Follow up with comments on posts, let them know you’re listening. You’re building a relationship with them.”

Chevy was out to steer more younger drivers to its brand, said Miker Stovall, Senior V.P. for content at Fleishman-Hillard. Keys to accomplishing that? Create unique SXSW experiences for attendees and provide lots of content, including exclusive content for those not able to attend.

“We had 90 pieces of original content” during the 10-day festival, Stovall said. “And I know you can define that a lot of ways, but this was mostly videos. That was our heavy lift there. We were producing video content around the clock.”

The result? 41,000 new Facebook fans (“more than 4,000 new fans every day of the festival”) and half-a-million views on Chevy’s SXSW content hub. Stovall’s simple mantra for content strategy: “Be useful, be entertaining or be ignored. If you can be entertaining to the people who can’t be at the festival, then you can’t be ignored.”

Coming Monday: how a Dallas-based pizza business – NOT one of the big national chains, mind you –  used social media to give back to the community.

Did you attend the Social Media Showcase? Are you seeing more use of video in digital campaigns for big and small brands? Please share your thoughts in our Comments section.

SplashCast: Social Media and Growing a Business


For many, it’s the ultimate work-based fantasy: being their own boss, setting up a business right in their own home.

Carrie Wilkerson did it. She left a career in teaching and built several businesses, all while raising a family. Carrie now consults for entrepreneurs/business owners and is helping others make the leap to starting their own businesses.

Carrie has published a book based on her experiences: The Barefoot Executive. It’s filled with successful strategies and tactics for those wanting to chase their ultimate work fantasies.

SplashCast host Renay San Miguel interviews Carrie about the role social media played in helping her build her consultation business, and how she counsels her clients on their use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

For more about Carrie and her book, visit these sites:

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growing a business




Twitter Marketing: Taco Bell and Old Spice Get Saucy On Twitter


Old Spice got up in Taco Bell’s face recently on Twitter, only to be taken down by the fast-food company’s saucy reply. At least, that was the initial story in the social media marketing blogosphere and in some mainstream media reporting.

But oh, how quickly we all forget: it was just two years ago that Old Spice wrote a very successful chapter in the viral marketing handbook with its customized video responses to social media questions from consumers and celebrities. And earlier this year, Splash Media sang the praises of Taco Bell’s social media strategy in this blog post.

Both companies are clearly comfortable on Twitter, and their tweet war was simply an effective lesson for all businesses in how to use humor and appear human in their social media – all in 140 characters or less.

The story so far: on July 9th, the people running Old Spice’s Twitter account – known for absurdist humor that plays off the “Man Your Man Could Smell Like” meme – issued this tweet: “Why is it that ‘fire sauce’ isn’t made with any real fire? Seems like false advertising.” Taco Bell’s tweeted response? “@OldSpice Is your deodorant made with really old spices?”

Taco Bell - Old Spice Twitter Marketing

The exchanged was retweeted, blogged about, screencaptured and generally talked about for the rest of the week; mission accomplished for both marketing teams. We think this Splash Media screen capture/thumbnail tells the full story well: Taco Bell is also exploiting technology in its marketing in other ways. The company’s use of chef Lorena Garcia and her new Cantina Bowl offering is the subject of a QR code where the “pixels” are made up of tiny lemons and avocados. This MediaPost story has the details.

It’s clear that both Old Spice and Taco Bell know their audiences, stayed consistent with their humor strategies and are willing to explore new storytelling tactics. Extra points go to Taco Bell for its tasty response, but we think Old Spice still comes off smelling pretty good with its social media marketing.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in our Comments section about how Old Spice and Taco Bell are using Twitter and what you think the lessons are for small/midsize businesses.

Renay San Miguel is the Chief Content Officer at Splash Media and On-Air Talent and Host with You can find him on Twitter @PrimoMedia. Click here to see all of Renay’s blog posts.

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Twitter Business Marketing: Will New Search Features Help Business Content Fly With Customers?

Twitter Business Marketing

Twitter Business Marketing

Facebook’s IPO face-planted and Google+ needs to add more users. Yet except for a June outage, Twitter keeps on flying right in its quest to become a useful and competitive social network. The addition of new search features late last week is another step in that direction.

Here’s the big 140-character question: can those features also give some lift to business marketing content?

Answer: a little. If anything, it’s more evidence that should help convince businesses to get deeper into Twitter marketing.

An official Twitter blog post goes into greater detail regarding the new features:

  • Auto-complete, as with Google, makes suggestions for search terms as they are being typed into Twitter’s search box.
  • A “People You Follow” option helps narrow search results. If you’re following brands and/or small and midsize businesses, this can help put a spotlight on not only new but previously posted content – all the more reason to offer up the best news-customers-can-use in those links.

Twitter had already announced spelling corrections and related queries, and is now providing real names along with user names in search results. And yes, all of it does sound a lot like what Google and Bing are offering their users, and therein lies the real story behind these recent changes.

Twitter’s relationships with Google and LinkedIn – allowing tweets to be featured in Google searches and cross-posting of tweets in LinkedIn – are no more. Twitter executives obviously think they are ready to go it alone in the social media world, and a better search experience is key in that mission. This all could be leading to yet another heavily-hyped, social media-based public offering. But Twitter may also be seeing encouraging signs regarding business/marketing usage, and not just with its overtly-commercial offerings like Promoted Tweets.

Each new feature that keeps users flying longer on Twitter – and those may include mobile features forthcoming from company and third-party developers – gives the social network that much more power as a marketing platform. Who knows; when it comes to Twitter, the sky may be the limit.

Renay San Miguel is the Chief Content Officer at Splash Media and On-Air Talent and Host with You can find him on Twitter @PrimoMedia. Click here to see all of Renay’s blog posts.

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Twitter Business Marketing, Social Media Marketing

SplashCast From The Past: Cisco Builds Its Social Network


It was April 2011 when Splash Media reached out to John Earnhardt, who leads the corporate communications/social media teams at networking giant Cisco. Since that time, Earnhardt’s company continues to practice what its preaching when it comes to embracing the tenets of digital marketing.

Since host Renay San Miguel spoke with Earnhardt, Cisco launched The Network, a technology news site that doubles as a great example of a large company successfully using content marketing techniques (Intel and John Deere are two other companies providing what is now being called “brand journalism” in digital marketing circles). Cisco realizes that the company can cover its own industry as well or better than most traditional news media outlets, while avoiding promotional or commercial-sounding content for its own products/services.

In this interview, Earnhardt talks to San Miguel about where Cisco views the value in each of the three top social networks –  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Cisco: Social Networks for Digital Marketing

Cisco: Social Networks for Digital Marketing