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Social Media Strategy: Ways that Great Video Content Helps your Small Business


Great Video Content Helps your Small Business

Does your social media strategy include video content?  It should!  Because video has become one of the most effective ways to market on the web. It allows visitors to experience your brand message with very little effort and increases the length of time people stay on your page, giving your brand message longer to sink in and an important indicator of page quality.

Social Media Strategy Video Content Benefits


Support your current and potential customer base with valuable content that will be helpful to them. Most people would rather watch how something works then read or hear about how it works because it’s easier for them to understand. So, use video to explain how to use your products and services, answer FAQs and share industry tips and tricks. Don’t use video to directly sell to your audience, but instead think about how you can educate them through your video content. You can then use use that video content in your social media strategy to convert visitors into buyers.


Once you’ve made a video, you can get a lot of play out of it by sharing it across multiple platforms. You can host it on your website, publish it to YouTube, share it through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and even email it. The trend of more and more people accessing online info through their mobile devices is only increasing, which makes a quick video an ideal avenue to spread your brand message. When it comes down to it, video marketing campaigns can easily reach consumers across multiple channels.


Don’t discount the power of video search engine optimization in your social media strategy. Make sure your video content includes main key phrases that your business is trying to rank for in online search results. Keep in mind what words are your potential customers using to find you and follow through once you’ve completed the video, to optimize all descriptions and titles with those keywords to increase SEO.

You really don’t need a very large budget to operate a video SEO marketing social media strategy. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you start filming.

Best Practices

  • Keep your video short. 90 seconds is the optimal length. You don’t want to lose your audience’s attention.
  • Make an emotional connection. Tell a story. Give something people can relate to or root for.
  • Ask a question that viewers will want to answer in a comment section or through a social media channel. This increases engagement and encourages conversation.

Video marketing appeals to an audience, conveys messages quickly and can be a very creative way to get your message across, and highly relevant and engaging video content will appeal to mobile users and stationary consumers.

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Why Your Online Marketing Campaign Can’t Ignore Google+


Google+ Login

Businesses embarking on an online marketing campaign can no longer ignore or discount the social impact of Google+ on the marketplace.  While initially faltering after its kickoff in September 2011, it has since risen to be the second most popular social media site after Facebook, according to the latest GlobalWebIndex survey [http://globalwebindex.net/blog/].  And whether or not you agree with the analysis (there’s some controversy about the way active users are accounted for in Google applications), there’s no doubt it is a rising star in the social media realm, and one that will have to be reckoned with soon, if not immediately.  Google+ is here to stay.

The rising popularity of Google+ means any future online marketing campaign should absolutely include this user base in its distribution.  Google+ has benefitted from Google’s ability to integrate the social app into its other popular apps, including YouTube, Google Maps, Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Search.  The mobile version of the application is especially appealing to users, because it is simple to navigate and visually-based, making it ideal for smartphone and tablet users.  Google+ also has Hangouts, a feature that allows groups of users to video chat together, which is exclusive to Google+.

Why Should Your Next Online Marketing Campaign Include Google+ Users?

If you’re still on the fence about the legitimacy of Google+ as a social media destination and user base, and whether or not a marketing campaign directed at those users would generate any traffic, consider these statistics collected by TechCrunch and Google Blog:

  • Google+ is growing at a rate of over 600,000 new users a day.
  • The Google +1 button gets clicked more than 5 billion times a day.
  • The top category of Google+ users is “Student.”
  • Websites that use the Google +1 button get over three times as many Google+ visits as sites without the button.

From the standpoint of an online marketing campaign, you should also consider some of the other features unique to Google+ that can prove beneficial to your online marketing strategy.  The Hangouts feature, with its video-chat groups, provides an excellent forum for small, targeted marketing campaigns and face-to-face focus and feedback sessions with small groups of followers.  The list of Google+ communities is extensive, providing most if not all businesses opportunities to find an appropriate audience with which to engage.  Having a presence in those communities can help with marketing efforts and brand recognition as you move forward.

Like it or not, Google+ will be a player in the social media game.  Choosing to include this user group in a future online marketing campaign is, of course, up to each business individually, but ignoring such a large and growing presence may prove detrimental to your business.  Getting on board now may not reap the huge benefits you want today, but it will certainly put you in a position to learn marketing techniques specific to the Google+ environment and set you up for success tomorrow, when other businesses are clamoring about the need to develop an online marketing strategy for Google+.

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Social Media Branding: Top 5 Reasons why not using Social Media hurts your Brand


Using social media for your brand is essential.

Are you in social media branding denial? We have now reached a tipping point in this digital age where if your business is NOT in social media, your brand will be at a disadvantage.  Social media for companies is not just a fad or something you assign to your summer interns, it’s a serious, active branch of marketing that needs to be approached strategically. And it’s critical to your company’s online success.

Why Social Media Branding is Essential

1. Conversation – The conversation is already out there. You’re either joining in or missing out. People are talking about your industry, sharing reviews and stating opinions. Social Media is your chance to be a part of that conversation.

2. Eyeballs – Facebook reported 618 million daily active users for December 2012.  Twitter reported more than 200 million active users. YouTube has somewhere around 4 billion views per day, and Google has 135 million active users. The numbers are staggering.  How can you not step onto that playing field?

3. Connection – It’s such an easy (and immediate) way to connect with your loyal fans and potential customers. Ask them for feedback, show them support and introduce them to your brand personality.

4. Support – Social Media marketing is a way to support your traditional marketing ventures. Are you running a special Valentine’s Day promotion? Display is across multiple platforms. Use Facebook to introduce new products and services. Use Twitter to start a real-time whisper campaign.  The opportunities are endless.

5. Real Time – There’s a huge benefit to having access to real-time market intelligence and feedback. Act on behavioral insight immediately by delivering special offers and coupons to consumers while they’re on your website or checking in on Foursquare in your brick and mortar store.

Social Media Branding is an extremely powerful tool, and not something that should be rushed into without time to outline clear goals and objectives. Social media management companies have put a lot of time and man-hours into coming up with tried and true strategic plans for businesses needing a guide into spearheading successful social media campaigns.

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