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Pinterest Social Sharing – The Gift That Keeps On Pinning!


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What is Google’s Hummingbird and (not provided)? What Does It Mean for My Business?


  So, you’re hearing the ginormous buzz about Google’s biggest algorithm overhaul since 2001, with terms like “writing for user intent” being thrown around. But what on earth does this Hummingbird thing mean for your business, anyway? What is Hummingbird? The Hummingbird algorithm offers a more natural way to use search engines. It’s a more […]

How Social Media is Helping Relief Efforts in the Philippines


People in the Philippines continue to struggle mightily in the devastating aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan (known as “Yolanda” in that country), which resulted in the catastrophic loss of shelter, basic necessities and life. With a preliminary death toll of thousands in Tacloban alone and areas of Central Philippines close to completely leveled, Filipinos have used […]

Dream Team Business Makeover Contest: A Giving Chance


Splash Media is proud to participate in an online campaign called A Giving Chance. A Giving Chance allows two business owners or entrepreneurs to win a Dream Team Business Makeover while bringing businesses together to support Compassion International’s Child Survival Program. The “Dream Team” is made up of eighteen nationally known and successful entrepreneurs who […]

Trick or Treat, Like or Tweet


What does Halloween have in common with marketing? More than you think! Clever marketing requires creative content, a clear message and the right delivery to attract and impress consumers. Halloween requires the same. As with any marketing campaign, you need to start with a strategy, understand your target audience and craft quality content. Offer Something […]

The Facebook Billion


You’ve heard of the “baker’s dozen,” right? Well, now we have the Facebook Billion! Facebook recently celebrated a rather impressive social media marketing milestone this month by reaching one billion users. That’s one billion people sharing what they ate today and uploading photos of their pets and babies. And if you’re a business, this translates […]

Social Media and Politics: BFFs?


It’s that time of the year. No, I’m not referring to holiday season or other fall festivities … it’s political season. Elections are just around the corner, and everyone and their grandmother has a strong opinion on one policy or another.  And you know what goes hand-in-hand? Social media and politics. While all those political […]

LinkedIn Board Connect: Helping to Grow Nonprofits


If you work for a nonprofit, you know how difficult it can be to find professional help. While there are plenty of willing experts, connecting to them sometimes can be a challenge. On Sept. 17 LinkedIn announced a new service, LinkedIn Board Connect, to address this problem for the nonprofits. This new service is designed […]

Latest Twitter Design Changes


We all know the Internet sometimes struggles when it comes to design changes (believe me, some people are still grumbling over Facebook’s Timeline), but, people of the Internet, I promise this latest change is a good one. On Monday Twitter unveiled new features that appear in their mobile apps as well as on its website. […]

SplashCast: Social Media in Olympic Sports

by The Olympic games in London highlighted social media more than any major sporting event has before. One of the teams that took advantage of social media marketing capabilities was USA Boxing. Rob Howe is Marketing & Events Manager for USA Boxing. In this interview with Duncan Gilman, Howe discusses the impact of social media […]