John Dankovchik
Chief Executive Officer


John Dankovchik started his career over 25 years ago as a stockbroker with firms such as Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers where he honed his natural sales abilities. A decade later, John pursued his lifelong passion for technology and immersed himself in being on the leading edge of the technology that made Wall Street tick. John fulfilled his vision by founding LiquidTrader, an ultra-high performance professional trading platform that dwarfed what was available to the typical Wall Street firm. John served as president and chief technology officer of LiquidTrader until the company was acquired by GlobalTec Solutions, a leading provider of real-time trading tools for individual investors. John spent seven years at GlobalTec, including the last five as its president. Under his leadership the company experienced consistent growth with a great emphasis on strategic partnerships. One such partnership led to the creation of the first electronic exchange, built for individual investors, to transact in the spot foreign exchange (forex) currency market. This allowed investors to cut out the middleman and gain superior execution pricing. GlobalTec ultimately merged with this partner, a leading online brokerage firm.

John is a highly talented visionary who has a knack for identifying and capitalizing on macro changes in technology and regulatory changes that ultimately affect business and consumer behavior. “I love to see the pieces of the puzzle and figure out how to put them together.”

John joined Splash Media with the passion and vision of transforming social media and search engine marketing by using cutting-edge tools and analytics. “I cannot imagine a more exciting business to be on the cutting edge of. Social media, with its leading-edge technology, has given us the ability to listen to the consumer, apply exceptional creativity and content, and generate the desired results for our clients.”

Jim McKinnis
President and Chief Creative Officer


Jim cut his teeth as a copywriter at Tracy Locke in Dallas, demonstrating not only a skill for innovative, creative thinking but also building strong client relationships and savvy business strategy. After rising all the way to Chief Creative Officer at TL, Jim recognized the growing importance of data to drive creative insights and made the move over to direct marketing at Rapp Collins. As CCO US at Rapp, Jim helped establish their creative and production network across North America. Seeking to stretch his business acumen, Jim then moved on to run the West Coast region for Rapp as Managing Director. After leading the office to record growth, Jim left to become CEO of Jokari, an innovator in household products. Using his creative background, Jim revolutionized Jokari’s product development process and focused Jokari’s marketing on emerging social channels. A digital, direct and brand marketing veteran with over 20 years of agency and client experience, Jim is a strategically-focused, creative business leader. As CMO at Splash, Jim works to drive client growth by building and training diverse and effective teams, enabling strong collaboration and creative thinking. “I get excited every day by ideas. Social encourages and rewards great ideas more than any other discipline today. There’s no place else I’d rather be.”

Dennis Wilson
Director of Production Services


Meet Dennis Wilson, husband, father and Social Media Practitioner. Dennis is also the Director of Production Services at Splash Media, the premier social media marketing agency. Under his direction of continuous training and process refinement, an incredible group of talented minds collaborates to create the social media magic produced on behalf of a diverse mix of Splash clients that span dozens of industry verticals. Go forth and be social!

Carrie Pinkley
Director of Strategic Planning


Carrie is a marketing professional with experience in multiple roles within traditional and digital marketing agencies. Working with multiple brands such as Fruit of the Loom, MetroPCS, Bridgestone/Firestone, WFAA and la Madeleine has given her the opportunity to think big but also the experience and attention to detail that sets her apart. With the attitude to never settle for less than excellence, Carrie continuously pushes her clients to new heights.

Rob Howe
Director of Strategic Insight


Rob’s extensive experience working in Social/Digital marketing on the Agency and In-House side have provided him with many perspectives on what companies can accomplish through the power of social. His passion for social combined with experiences as a collegiate and professional basketball player, 2012 Olympic Boxing Team Marketing Manager, Improv Comedian and world traveler as a result of all three have expanded and refined his global vision and corroborated his belief that anything can be accomplished if you commit yourself 100% to the task.

Elisha Velez
Associate Director, International Social Media Services


Elisha Velez has a range of experience in both traditional and digital marketing with the bulk of her career focused on International social strategies, strategic execution of digital strategies and Project Management. Her portfolio includes clients in multiple industries including domestic and global logistics, global communication and management, and agency partnerships. Her experience allows her to bring multiple viewpoints and strategic insights to her clients. The combination of her organizational and creative problem solving skills allows her to motivate her team while driving efficiency.

Linda Randall
Director of Administration and Recruiting


Linda is our Director of Administration and Recruiting with responsibilities that include accounting, human resources and office management. Her 23 years of administrative work involved positions within commercial, nonprofit and government organizations; her corporate work features such diverse industries as automotive, cosmetics/fragrances, legal, finance, retail and manufacturing. She came to Splash Media after three years as manager of administration for WebDex Media, where she managed accounting, human resources, sales operations and facilities.

Linda also gives generously of her time for various community and charitable events. She is on the Board of Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer, a nonprofit raising money for pediatric cancer research, and she’s a current member of and past officer for the Dallas Junior Forum, whose members volunteer for several nonprofits including the Ronald McDonald House, Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer, the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center and Hope’s Door.