Splash Media is located in a multi-suite campus in the heart of Addison Circle in Addison, Texas. We’ve recently added several thousand square-feet of new office space so our social media specialists can meet with clients, design specific solutions for their companies and monitor the results of their efforts. We also own and operate one of the most technologically-advanced television studios in the world – a $5.5 million virtual environment studio that houses state-of-the-art graphics systems and engineering hardware, run by experienced, award-winning production teams.


Since we opened for business in 2000, Splash Media has received international acclaim for its production content and design. But the most common question we get is,

“Where’s the studio?”

Answer: it’s all in the hardware and software. Splash Media productions require only five or six people to get the job done, thanks to leading-edge technology. Computer-controlled cameras are placed throughout a green-screen room that serves as the foundation for our virtual reality sets. Cameras are synched with the VR servers, allowing them to move through a 3D environment and giving the studio depth and scale. The results are realistic backdrops that can include just about anything the imagination can conceive – including your company’s brand and products.

Virtual Sets

Check out some of the virtual sets we’ve built for previous and current clients:

National Geographic

Mary Kay


Blue Cross Blue Shield

American Airlines

Success University


Just Say Yes!

Goals 2 Go!

AMA Emmy Awards


Adobe TV